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2019-12-07 20:18

Macquarie Island Isthmus Macquarie Island Station, known as Macca to staff, is a permanent Australian subAntarctic research base. It is located between two bays on Macquarie Island, about halfway between Australia and Antarctica.Use this relief map to navigate to tide stations, surf breaks and cities that are in the area of Macquarie Island. macquarie island station map

ANARE Station, Macquarie Island. VK0AI QSL Card. Information from VK0AI 12 October 2019. Norbert is on Macquarie Island AAD subAntarctic research station until March 2019. He has an IC7300 and will be working mainly digital modes. All contacts on FT8 are at TX power of 5W.

MIST (Macquarie Island Station Time) is one of the wellknown names of UTC11 time zone which is 11h. ahead of UTC (Coordinated Universal Time). The time offset from UTC can be written as 11: 00. Macquarie Island is a meteorological station and is nearby to Landing Beach, West Beach and Secluded Beach. Macquarie Island is also close to Buckles Bay, Goat Bay and Garden Bay.macquarie island station map Macquarie Island station Location: 54 37 12 S, 158 51 40 E (54. 6199, 158. 861) Macquarie Island is a World Heritage listed subAntarctic island located in the Southern Ocean, approximately half way between Australia and Antarctica.

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Macquarie Island Station (Google Maps). Australian subantarctic research base. macquarie island station map

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